Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Too Many Books, Too Little Time

Or perhaps I should say, too many things to do, too little time to blog.

That is how it has been these last two weeks. And one of the "many things" to do has been reading late at night . I have had a stack of books to read and have been reading in bed, getting involved in the stories.

Most of these books have been fiction, which is pretty unusual for me. Maybe I have needed this time . I know that my kids often need down time and it is in the down time, the rest time, that one can sometimes see progress and growth.

I have also read a book by an Australian mum, Karen Gatt, who lost an amazing 67kg. The book is her story, in question and answer format - "Why Haven't I lost Weight Yet?".

Catchy title, huh?


LYL said...

How did she do it, Leonie?

I wouldn't want to lose that much - there wouldn't be that much left - but I could do with losing a bit of weight.

Leonie said...

Basically, it was low fat eating and walking. And determination. And taking time out for herself.

Her book has suggested meal ideas.....Leonie