Thursday, October 27, 2005

Night at the movies....

Hey all, Jonathon here. Finally back!

Haven't been up to an awful lot lately, just the normal stuff.
My brother and I are still working on our band (State of Decay). We've all learning some covers,
including a Jimi Hendrix song, but I'm writing a lot of originals. I'd like to begin recording a demo in January, but who knows right now!

One thing we have been doing a lot lately is watching movies! There're some great new releases coming out, so. We've watched "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", "Batman Begins" and "The Interpreter", all really good. I was a bit unsure about Batman at first. The last Batman movies have all been pretty bad.....except for the Tim Burton one, but that was far too dark for my liking. Tim Burton has great imagery, but his films get a bit hard to sit through without squirming. The part where Catwoman put all her stuffed animals into the blender for instance......

But anyway, this Batman was good. It had a really good brooding moodiness about the atmosphere, something that was accentuated by Christian Bale's acting. He's impressed me before, with films like "Equilibriam" and "Reign of fire", but this is probably his best performance so far.....He actually portrayed Batman with real feeling and emotion, something which Clooney's version lacked.

My favourite part of the movie would probably have to be when Batman is given a dose of Scarecrow's fear gas. A bit surreal and rather chilling, but very effective. It almost made me scared of bats.

And Hitchhiker's is fun....Very unusual, almost offbeat humour.
The kind of film that some people are going to love, and that some people won't get at all.
Douglas Adam's script is almost as good as the book. Almost though.
As far as the acting goes, the casting is perfect. Every character looks talks and acts just the way you'd want them to, especially Sam Rockwell as Zaphod Beeblebrox. Rockwell's characters are always a little Zany, but Beeblebrox was hilariously insane. Just his appearance with the whistle in place of a cigarette for instance. When I saw that in the cinema, I couldn't help laughing.

Unfortunately, I didn't actually watch most of the Interpreter. It was just far too suspenseful for me. I really can't handle suspense you see. From what I did see, it was good. Had a very good statement to make.
I've never actually been a big fan of Nicole Kidman or Sean Penn, but their acting here was absolutely believable. Even Kidman's french accent was good.

So, some films I really enjoyed. Some of the best I've seen in a while (I've been on a Kurt Russel/John Carpenter kick. Unusual films.)

I'm going to try and get a movie called Brazil I read about in my course on film art, so I'll post a review soon!

Bye for now,


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