Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What is a textbook?

It is the close of school holidays and thus the re-commencement of all our homeschool and other commitments.

In the spirit of thinking about the new term, I asked the boys about their plans and ideas for the upcoming weeks.

T mentioned a science textbook.

Anny asked - "What is a textbook?"

It is funny - he has read many living books but we are not into textbooks here, usually - so he had no idea of what T was talking about.

T's description of a textbook was pretty unique, too.


Cindy said...

Hi Leonie.. I love this! Would like to hear T's description of a textbook, too....


Leonie said...

It went something like - "You know, those books they use in school, with all the information and activites in one place. You know, some people have one for Maths and one for Englih and one for Social Studies...."