Monday, May 18, 2009

In review

A review of the last few days.....

Catholic Homeschoolers..
Br. Louis gave a talk.

We had a mum from church, and her little daughters, over for morning tea..and look what she made. Isn't she clever? She's agreed to teach a cake decorating class to homeschoolers, too.

A farewell dinner for a friend, my Kumon assistant and my "adopted" son...He is leaving to join the Royal Australian Air Force..

Taking a visiting Franciscan friar out to see Sydney - Br. is an American living in Rome..we saw Darling Harbour, went on the monorail and train and ferry, went to Circular Quay and the Opera House.

Br. came to our youth mass and supper last night - and, hey, I even cooked! Pastries and mini quiches...My new name? You can call me The Homeschooling Domestic Goddess ( as in Nigella Lawson's cookbook The Domestic Goddess..a birthday gift from dh..wishful thinking?)

And we read about St Pachal Baylon ~ 1540-1592 ~ Franciscan lay brother and mystic. According to accounts of his early life, Paschal laboured as a shepherd for his father, and was distinguished for his austerity. He also taught himself to read. He became a Franciscan lay brother in 1564. He displayed love for the Blessed Sacrament, so much so that while on a mission to France, he defended the doctrine of the Real Presence in the face of threats .

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