Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grahame Greene

If I'm a bitch and a fake, is there nobody who will love a bitch and a fake? Grahame Greene, The End of the Affair.
People talk about the courage of condemned men walking to the place of execution: sometimes it needs as much courage to walk with any kind of bearing towards another person's habitual misery. The Heart of the Matter

Re-reading some Grahame Greene novels.
Like Edna O'Brien, like Flannery O'Connor, Greene wrote of people, of life, of pain, of love.

I know his words. I feel them. I live them.

A good writer writes..and the reader cries or nods or laughs in agreement.


Hopewell said...

I read "End of the Affair" in high school, I might get a lot more out of it at 47 than I did at 17. Just might stop by the library for it sometime. I've put up a few interesting books at my blog this week.

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

I have never heard of this fellow , he sounds very real in his work . I will look him up Leonie