Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wow. Homeschoolers are versatile.

Why do I say that?

Well, here I am, almost 11 pm. I am reflecting on our day and jotting down notes in my homeschool log.

French class at our house with other homeschoolers. I write in the log.

Sounds innocent and easy.

But it doesn't describe the jokes, the smiles, the game of guns, the mums chatting, the morning tea....All of this is part of pre and post French.

Plus, we still have to find another teacher. So I am busily, industriously, hopelessly trying to teach French via a book. Me, who has no talent for languages.

Not good!

But Thomas must be learning something. He kept inserting French words into our family dinner and discussion and TV watching, after Mass tonight.

We versatile homeschoolers!


Chris said...

Yay us!!

Chris said...

Nous sensationnel!!!!

Greg said...

Love the picture to go with the post :)
Speaking of French today I booked some tickets for Pris...going to spend Saturday there. Awesome!!

Leonie said...

Chris, is that French? lol!

Greg, I am SO envious!!