Monday, September 08, 2008

September 8

The Nativity of Our Lady.

Anthony served at Mass, a Mass most of us couldn't attend as we were at work.

Thomas made two birthday cakes - okay, they were packet mixes from our store cupboard but that is okay. Except Thomas forgot to pay attention and put the ready made frosting not on one of the cooked cakes but in the raw cake. Baked it anyway and, from all reports, it resulted in a moist and yummy cake....I wouldn't know. I put on one kg ( 2lbs) while away in New Zealand so am really working out hard and watching what I eat.

Those darn delicious Auckland Hilton Hotel cocktails!


Greg said...

I'm still on bootcamp and Billy's fave moves (with add-ons!). But I've ordered the ultimate Tae-Bo and got an email on Saturday saying it had been dispatched...hopfully I'll get it tomorrow. If the Abs and Glutes is as painful as you say I can't wait! :)

Leonie said...

Woo hoo! Let me know how you like it!