Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Glimpses of our day, yesterday..
Cooking. Science experiments. French class. Catholic Homschoolers Group.
And today I feel blah, been feeling blah about myself most of the week really. Seasonal changes? Hormones? Lack of sleep? Venial sin?
Probably all of the above.
I'm praying. Of course.
Going to Mass.
And simply, basically, with-no-exceptions Just Deciding to Keep On Keeping On, doing what I normally do ~ but with that extra smile. I find that, if I make myself smile, the smile starts to spread.
I'm also choosing happy workouts to do - workouts that make me feel plain good and energetic. Make me smile even more.


Mary G said...

Thanks for the "smile" tip .... I too am feeling "just blah" lately ... as you say, maybe the weather, age, hormones, stress, etc ... but the "extra smile" should help immensely!

Thanks -- hugs and prayers ....

Greg said...

Smiling does help doesn't it? Whenever I come out of work feeling tired or irritable (whether because of work things, the air conditioning or too much coffee!) my first reaction is to tell myself how tired I am...But then I make myself say that I'm not, and smile, and I find that even if it doesn't make things alright it makes it a bit're absolutely right.

Chris said...

Sorry that your feeiling this way. I hope the happy hormones from your exercise kick in. Know that I'm praying for you and think you are terrific in so many ways.