Friday, September 05, 2008


We write or draw New Zealand in our journals, in our apartment, while on holiday.

Homeschooling on holiday? Yes, it is all life.

Each time we go away, or over a holiday season, the kids and I pack either our general journals or our nature journals. We paste things in. We add a few lines. A quote. A sketch. Anything that seems appropriate for us to remember our time.

And we re-read and share and laugh or ruminate over old entries.

Education in a journal.

Excerpted from Wild Days: Creating Discovery Journals by Karen Skidmore Rackliffe.
There are many kinds of journals, as there are many journeys in life.... Journals are a place to remember thoughts, ideas, images, dreams, events, developments, musings and hopes. Discoveries are flashes of thought that make the world seem somehow brighter, more beautiful, interesting, or bizarre.

A discovery journal places moments of insights together, page upon page, building connections between seasons and years. It is a record of days, a bringing together of scattered experience into a meaningful whole.

A discovery a book you write yourself about anything that has importance to you. You make all the rules, and you can change them anyway you want.

There are many names for these personal books. I like the word journal because it implies a journey, a beginning and a destination, with turning points along the way. I like to imagine my life as a journey, finding my way one step at a time.


Cindy said...

Grdat thought to journal all of life. Enjoy your vaction! How many of your guys went with you?

Greg said...

I remember one journal filled with lists of meals... :)

Tracy said...

I have never been consistent at journaling - blogging is as close as I've come. I do enjoy it so much when I do - I think there is more value in it than I give it credit for.

I nominated you for a blog award!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...