Thursday, September 25, 2008


Leonie. The sister of St Therese of the Child Jesus.

An internet friend sent me a copy of the book God Made the Violet Too, a life of Leonie. Thank you, you know who who are! Very generous!

Ever since reading The Story of a Family, when pregnant with youngest son Anthony, I have been interested in Leonie.

The Story of a Family tells of the Martin family, parents of St Therese. Zelie and Louis Martin will be canonized in October.

Leonie was a difficult child, and struggled with religious life as an adult, entering and leaving and re-entering the convent several times..

I have been called a difficult child ( even a wild child, as an adult!) so I definitely have a soft spot for my namesake.

Leonie's mother, Zelie Martin, wrote of child raising and of raising a child that seems more wayward than others. She wrote ~ Brutality never reformed anyone; it only makes slaves.

Wow. I agree. The importance of love and of free will and of guidance, not of physical punishment.

I can see I am going to enjoy this book - I've read about one quarter of it so far...


Maureen O'Riordan said...

Dear Leonie,

I am so glad that you are reading another book about Leonie Martin. Please visit my Web site about St. Therese at It has films and articles about St. Therese and about her parents and their beatification, and it links to a "spiritual newsletter" about Leonie and to several sites with information about her.

I see that Rumer Godden is your favorite author; she is a top favorite of mine too!

molly said...

I love reading Zelie Martins attitude about helping Leonie, as only a mother can. I need to read this book, as youknow I have a soft spot for the Marin family.

PS Rumer Godden is my all time favorite author as well.