Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What are you doing today?

What are you doing today?

I love to hear about the lives of other unschoolers. It's motivating and reassurring! :-)

I even have a time plan for today!

I'll never stick with it of course!

7 am Up, tidy, my morning novena, laundry - about to start laundry now, already running late!

7.30 Workout, kids get up and make beds, dress, eat, play computer

8.30 Breakfast etc Tidy Dress Org for French class Read about today's saint - St Peter Claver

9.30 French class my house with other hsers. Morning tea, chat and play with friends

11.00 Go to parish office to help move furniture etc Say family morning prayers in the car on the way

12.00 Lunch with an older lady I met in hospital. Kids come along too - to the Bagel Shop - and they/we also go to the library/shops

2.30 Buy bread for St Anthony Mass, take Alexander to work at Kumon

3.00 Home - do my Kumon business work, kids fold junk mail for delivery then read and hang out or work on models and games, do laundry, phone or email or text some people to say hi now we've returned from NZ, phone a lady from church who is having some difficulties

6.00 Pick up Alexander from work , quick tidy up at home

6.30 Mass

8.00 Cook dinner - Greek Egg Fries

Evening - talk to dh on the phone, he is away for work, watch a Battlestar Galactica with the kids, do some of my Kumon Maths study, hs log, text people about work meetings tomorrow, spend 10 mins organising a talk on Padre Pio for Catholic homeschoolers next week, spend 10 mins on some work emails and do internet banking, prayers. Kids will clean up and we will all go to bed too late, knowing us!

That's my plan. I know the reality will be different.


molly said...

What are Greek egg fries? Sounds yummy!

Greg said...

sounds like a very planned day! I've recently modified my own schedule to make sure I fit enough in the day. Getting up at 6 - not as bad as it sounds, I used to do it in Aelaide - and it's working well. Oh and my Tae-Bo DVDs arrived!!

Leonie said...

Let me know how you like the workouts, Greg.

Molly, Greek egg fries are easy - cut some potatoes into chips or fries, I leave the skin on. Heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, cook potatoes until brown and almost done. Beat eggs ( I use 12, a dozen, for us), add salt and pepper, pour over fries. Keep shaking the pan every now and then and cook until eggs are set - like an omelette with chips!