Friday, December 15, 2006


Workout: FIRM Classic Volume 1 ( again - hey, if you're on a good thing...)

Activity: Iceskating with other homeschoolers, music lessons for T and Anny, work for J and A, Kumon prep for me, youth group Xmas party for the teens.

Food: Last night I ate chocolate ( hits self over head). Today on target and the scales show a 200g loss since last week. Celebrate small miracles!

Advent activity: Scripture reading, Xmas list making.

Reading: well, I am reading C.S. Lewis On Faith; Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum ; The Daughter of Time ; Throw Away Your Scales ( on fitness and dieting).

Kids? J - Witness to Hope; A - Crossing the Threshold of Hope ; T - St Louis de Montfort ; Anny - God's Secret Warrior.

Gerry? The Screwtape Letters.


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

What a wonderful log!

Congrats on your weight loss despite the chocolate!

Leonie said...

Thanks Marai - Saturday I did the same workout again. So, today, I'm doing something different. :-) Probably Taebo.

Beate said...

Gosh Leonie, I'm so impressed with your dedication. You are inspiring me to get serious about fitness :-)

Leonie said...

Go Beate! :-)

After trying on new swimsuits today ( its summer here) - I know I need to do more weights! :-)