Friday, December 29, 2006


The majority of my workouts are kickboxing.

This is not to say that I don't do other workouts or workouts with weights - I do.

But kickboxing - mostly Taebo and Turbo Jam - is the mainstay of my fitness routine. And, hey, they have weight training routines, too!

You can imagine my joy at receiving two Taebo Live workouts for Christmas. These workouts have so much energy, so much fun, great music. They are OOP but I am trying to collect them secondhand - and found two on Amazon sellers to go under the Christmas tree.

So the last few days these have been my workouts. And Turbo Jam Punch Kick Jam today.

I love the endorphin rush. I feel high while kicking and punching and doing floorwork to "My Sherona." Killer ab work seems easier when singing along with Berlin's " On the Metro." Or keeping on going, yelling and singing, to burning butt work with "Boogie Fever" or "Momma Said Knock You Out."

Taebo in particular has all the three components of fitness - cardio work, strength or resistance training and flexibility.

Last Christmas I received the book "The Taebo Way" as a present - it is also OOP but we got it secondhand.

On the way in the mail is another OOP fitness book - FIRM for Life - I love the old FIRM Classics and Crosstrainer workouts. Want to read the book. Sometimes older is better.

I also have all the old Jane Fonda workout books. :-)
But today at Borders, I bought a new book on fitness - in keeping with my kickboxing passion.

Gleason's Gym Total Body Boxing Workout for Women.

It looks like fun - and has a great quote from actress Hilary Swank.

Swank trained at Gleason's Gym for the film Million Dollar Baby.

She told "Sports Illustrated" - I see many parallels between boxing and life. You have to stay in the moment, or you get hit. You have to let everything go...and you have to stay humble.

Just the same abilities that we homeschooling mothers often want to develop - living in the moment, letting go, being humble...


kidspatch said...

It sounds inspiring. I need something to inspire me for 2007! Is Amazon the only place that you could pick these up or have you found an Australian source?
Thanks for encouraging those of us out there trying to do something with our weight!

Leonie said...

The Taebo workouts are available at Target and KMart and at the Ozzie online store Home Fitness Delivered.

Also check out our new shared blog - on fitness - maybe you'd like to join as a contributor?