Monday, December 11, 2006

A Continual Feast

I am already thinking about next year.

Homeschool and Kumon next year. A feast of ideas.

What is our vision?

What has worked in the past?

One year, we followed along the liturgical year using the book A Continual Feast.

Each month, I pulled out the book and read through ideas and recipes for the Saint Days, the ideas for Ordinary Time, Lent, Advent.

I jotted plans.

And we cooked and wrote a lot that year.

Actually, I am thinking of doing that this forthcoming year, again.

Why? Well, the current homeschoolers in this house were very little then - and one wasn't even born. I know the older ones got a lot out of our "Year of Continual Feasting" and I would like to try it again with the younger four boys - esp before Jonathon is off and away with more responsibilities when he turns 18.

I have also ordered a couple of other books that I think will add flavour to our year -

Understanding The Scriptures: A Complete Course On Bible Study (The Didache Series)

100 Activities Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church: For Grades 1 to 8

My Catholic Advent And Christmas Book

My Catholic Lent and Easter Activity Book: Reproducible Sheets for Home and School

We will be reading the My Story
books for Aussie history - Gerry has been reading these this year and has really enjoyed the series.

And probably do more activities related to movies, from my book Teaching With Movies.

And Alexander wants more Science.

Plus Kumon and whatever the year unfolds...

But first lets journey through Advent, Christmas, summer activities.

And finish our book making projects!


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Your resources look intriguing! I think I'll check them out, too!


Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

I like The continual Feast... got that from the library and think I need to get my own copy. It is a great book to have on the shelf at the ready...

And we also just got the scripture study book by Scott Hahn. My dh will be using it in his prison ministry.. trying to decide how to approach it with the boys (and me!)

You movie book looks neat.. checked Amazon here.. they don't have it. :(

Your year looks grand!

Leonie said...

Cindy, I've been wanting that Scott Hahn book for ages - and finally succumbed!

Fr. Benedict M. said...

It is interesting you note the book "Understanding The Scriptures: A Complete Course On Bible Study (The Didache Series)" as it was the one Br Louis used last Wed evening at the Advent program... the whole collection is in fact excellent... though a tad expensive!

Leonie said...

Fr - The books are expensive - I was thinking of maybe buying one every six months? Can't wait for the Scriptures one to arrive...