Sunday, December 17, 2006

A few of our favourite things..

Thomas and I baked a St Lucy crown ( braided bread), belatedly, for the feast of St Lucy.

We decorated our windows with Christmas pics.

This week, we have been renewing our acquaintance with carols ~ singing in the car, at the dinner table, around the house.

Listening to our Christmas CDs.

I spent part of yesterday and today on shopping for Christmas - presents, food, drink. I love shopping and I love choosing gifts for others!

Our family went to see the film The Nativity. I know this has been a controversial film for some, but we really enjoyed it. I will buy it on DVD to add to our Advent/Christmas movie drawer.

The scene with the Magi adoring the Christ Child will stay with me .Touching.

We attended the Christmas Spectacular at the church of several of our homeschool friends ~ our friends' daughters were dancing in the show, a stylized version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The girls did a fantastic job .

A funny ( or not so funny) Advent happening...Anthony lit the Advent wreath candles before dinner to night. As he lit the rose candle for Gaudete Sunday, big flames arose. He set fire to the wreath!

Its okay - we salvaged the wreath - and laughed and laughed. We had a visitor for dinner, a girl my teens are friendly with, and she laughed, too. In shock??

More favourite Advent-y Christmas-y things?

Our older sons arrive on Friday and Nick has sent me a message - have some frozen Margaritas ready. :-) We are making some Christmas goodies, too, for nibbles.

Tuesday will be the day to put together our Gingerbread House and I will try my hand at baking a Christmas cake. Uh-oh.

On Christmas Day, we are having friends over and in early January, more friends from interstate.

Don't you love this time of year?

On, and workout wise - FIRM Volme 1, Taebo BASIC Live, Turbo Jam Ab Jam..


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Glad to hear the movie is good!

Not to mention, the fireworks at dinner! LOL!!

Glad you're all well and enjoying each other.

Leonie said...

Thanks for all your comments, Maria. Hopeing you are having a blessed and joyous Advent.