Thursday, December 14, 2006

Our dinner table.

Last night, we all sat down to dinner together. At home. To a home cooked meal. Early, to fit in attendance at our parish's Advent programme.

We lit the candles on our Advent wreath.

We read the next slip of paper on our Advent calendar - St Lucy; sing carols.

Thomas and Anthony chose a carol each for us to sing.

Then followed discussion.

How was everyone doing with their Advent reading? We shared the highlights to date of our reading - two of us are reading some of C. S. Lewis . We discussed some of his books, his life, his friendship with Tolkien, his marriage. His description of Christianity in the book Mere Christianity.

Our discussion moved onto Advent and penance. How were we doing with our Advent work, working on our behaviour?

A couple of us have blown it and took heart in the fact that Advent is not yet over and we still have time to work on our areas of concern.

I was one of these. I am resolving not to raise my voice wth my children during Advent. As my boys pointed out last night, my version of raising my voice is probably the normal way that many mothers speak all the tme - the boys hardly consider it a raised voice at all.

But I do. When I am stressed or busy I do speak sterner and in a harsher voice. It is this I want to stop.

Rejoice! Advent is not over and neither are our good works!

Our final discussion was on boy/girl relationships. This was meant specifically for the teens, due to recent issues. However, it was important for the younger ones to also be included in the discussion - they will have to face similar issues one day. How do we approach our relationships as Catholics? What about physical issues and avoiding temptation? Why? What are the principles involved?

Wow, all this while eating.

Multi tasking indeed.


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

These conversations are so important and I love that it happened during a dinner together!

That's the best!

Leonie said...

Yeah, the discussions were good - and always flow better over food - even my cooking! lol!

Jennifer said...

Leonie, this is fabulous!

Leonie said...

Thanx Jennifer - so important to talk about these thigns as they grow. :-)