Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I am a grump.

A grinch.

My Advent work has been to work on being nice always when speaking to my children.

I am failing . Terribly. Horribly.

I don't know what is wrong with me, but the more I try to speak well, even in trying situations, the more I fail.

I can relate to St Paul, on doing not what I ought but what I don't want .

Horrible morning this morning, getting ready for the pool and Group Learning end of year party.

I have apologized and the day was good but my manner of speaking irks me.

During the final session of the Advent programme tonight, Br. mentioned that God gives us all the graces we need, through the Sacraments and especially in the Eucharist.

Well, duh, I know that but, duh, I don't remember it all the time.


I need Reconciliation - thank heaven tomorrow is the Second Rite of Reconciliation at our church, before Christmas.

I may be failing my Advent work but, hey, I am not failing life. I have the Sacraments and God's grace.

Hope your Advent is blessed and joyous. :-)


Ruth said...

I can relate. My Latin temper gets the best, or I should say, the worst of me : (

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Dearest Leonie, we ALL can relate!

Sending love and blessings your way...

Mary G said...

Yes, Leonie, I too can relate. It seems I have a volatile mouth -- and spanking seems to be on the top of the list lately too!

I feel so badly afterwards. But, are they pushing buttons because I'm so remorseful (and cuddly) after or are they pushing buttons cuz they're overloaded with sweets, excitement and changes in scheduling??????

If you say a prayer for me, I'll say one for you......blessings for a warm summer-like Christmas (we might get a White Christmas this year!)

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Hugs, Leonie!

We love you!

Leonie said...

Thanx for the hugs and happy thoughts - it seems others can totally relate. :-)

Confessions tonight, today is another day ( medical tests but no grumpiness, right?)

Sabine said...

Hey Leonie - I can so relate (except I actually yell :-( )! Now I am trying something else and it might work for others as well, idk. I chose one thing I would not raise my voice about (housework, lack there of and resulting messiness), when I have that conquered, I'll propably have conquered more areas also, I hope! It just helped to be able focus on that one downfall I have so often and it didn't seem like I had to tackle the huge enormous entire problem at one time. So far, it's better. And thank goodness for forgiving children!

Genevieve said...

My dear, dear, Leonie, I can so relate. And I really appreciate your plan of approach to break its momentum.

Leonie said...

Genev ieve - thank you for your understanding. :-)

Sabine - good idea.

reconciliation tonight was a huge help, too. :-)