Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sometimes I Just Don't Get It

To be honest, maybe I don't get things a lot of the time.

I am having a great time in Melbourne. So are the kids. But to do this one also has to give and take about some things. I am pretty annoying, I know, but I don't get the notion of letting things bother you while on vacation. There will be plenty of time next week for that!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! And today's fun includes the art gallery and shops! And trams. And walking. And the delicious food in Lygon St last night.

And workouts...Jillian Michaels circuits today. Some of 'em anyway.

And watching Madonna on Foxtel.

And Mass at the oldest Catholic Church in Victoria. I prayed at the Ladye Chapel. Beautiful.

But had another of those I Just Don't Get It moments.

Everyone knows I am a Christian feminist. However, we, the sexes, are equal but different. As Pope John Paul II writes...

So, come on guys, what are we thinking of with adult women altar servers? Where does this fit in with worship, with humility, with respecting roles and the priesthood?


Chris said...

You are not annoying. You are fun to be around.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's quite silly. We use wine and bread for the eucharist, not oil and water. We use oil for annointing and water for baptism, not bread and wine. All these things are inherently good, but they are different. Similarly, we cannot have women priests and it is just silly to try to introduce them by stealth.

Leonie said...

Thank you, Chris! you are a great friend!

Louise, you are so right...introducing by stealth.