Friday, January 08, 2010

The Reality of Dreams

A quote from the artist Salvador Dali. Art is the reality of dreams.

The quote ran through my mind this afternoon. An afternoon spent mesmerized, absolutely mesmerized, by the religious art in the European section of the NGV...the National Gallery of Victoria.

Illuminated books of hours. Albert Drurer's sketch of the Woman of the Book of Revelations, the Woman clothed with stars.

Gilt edged icons.

A triptych of scenes of Christ's life...the wedding feast at Cana; the Annunciation...

Statues, images of St Barbara and of St Catherine of Alexandria.

I spent most of my time reading and looking. Really looking.

And feeling inspired, fed, calmed, uplifted by the art. Most definitely the stuff of dreams.

People have told me that boys don't get into art. That their homeschooled sons are manly and thus into sport not art.

But my sons happily spent time in the gallery today. Anthony came up to me and told me that I must make sure I see the icons.

Male or female, our souls need feeding and inspiration. With beauty. With art. This is lifting our souls towards our God.

True manliness. Seeing in art, some art, that reality of dreams.

I wonder if I could move to Melbourne. Just so I can visit the NGV more often!


Hopewell said...

That Gallery sounds like a dream day--no pun intended. I can only try to imagine the beauty.

Leonie said...

It was peaceful, cool and calm, too...with a great afternoon tea shop!