Saturday, January 09, 2010

Christmas -tide

Morning Mass at St Joseph's Springvale.

As the end of the Christmas season draws near, as we prepare to celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord, we are called to reflect.

In his homily, Fr encouraged us to reflect on this Christmas season. Each Christmas should teach us something. We should draw closer to Christ. We should love more.

We should learn from the humility of Our Lord, who came down to earth, who became one of us, for us.

As Fr said, we can use our time of praying at Mass as a time for learning to love Christ more.

In the words of St John the Baptist, to paraphrase St John the Baptist, we must decrease so He can increase.

Being me, of course. after Mass, after Fr's homily, after Confession, after advice and counsel in the sacrament, well, being me, I wanted to make a list of things I should do love more, to practice humility.

But you know, not everything in life can be reduced to a list. I have to give my all. Which I find hard because experiences have led me to hold back.

Ultimately though, I rely on God's Grace, on his love, I give it all to Him.

I am learning this. Still.

And how do I share this with my children, as an unschooling mother?

With prayer.

With my life.

With catechesis.

Wow, how one homily can inspire!


LLMom said...

What a blessing to have a good, holy priest!

Leonie said...

Definitely, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

God bless You, yes everyday we have to start again, although often by 9am I feel defeated, but with Our Lady's help we go on
br louis

Leonie said...

I am so with you, Br! Sometimes I am defeated by 9am also...but did you see I put that consecration to Our Lady on the blog? Reminder for me to pray it daily!