Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Salient Quotes..or Mottoes..For Writing In Journals

From New Liturgical Movement ~ address by the Papal Master of Ceremonies..

Theologically speaking, the holy Mass, as a matter of fact, is always addressed to God through Christ our Lord, and it would be a grievous error to imagine that the principal orientation of the sacrificial action is the community.

A grievous error. As I discussed in posts late last year. Posts about the Sacred Liturgy. About rubrics.

Maybe I should write this quote in the front of my diary, make it part of my theme for the year. Something to remember.

Each year, I choose a theme and motto or word, to help me keep on keeping on.

So far I have ~



And maybe the above.

Or else this. From The Way of Perfection ~ St Teresa of Avila...

Saint Martha was holy, but we are not told that she was a contemplative. What more do you want than to be able to grow to be like that blessed woman, who was worthy to receive Christ our Lord so often in her house, and to prepare meals for Him, and to serve Him and perhaps to eat at table with Him? If she had been absorbed in devotion [all the time], as the Magdalen was, there would have been no one to prepare a meal for this Divine Guest. ...The point is that the Lord knows everyone as he really is and gives each his work to do—according to what He sees to be most fitting for his soul, and for His own Self, and for the good of his neighbour. Unless you have omitted to prepare yourselves for your work you need have no fear that it will be lost...Go cheerfully about whatever services you are ordered to do, as I have said; if such a servant is truly humble she will be blessed in her active life and will never make any complaint save of herself.

Perhaps something else to carve in my diary, my journal.

Like Anais Nin.

Well, only with regard to journal writing ( aka blogging?).

Not her other writing.

Wouldn't fit with the quotes above; with my themes and mottoes.

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