Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting here

How did I ever get here?


Here. My life.

It is not really always a matter of God's will but many times of actions and reactions.

You make choices and then have to live with them. There is always a pay back. Always a tomorrow.

How does this fit in with "Living Without School"?

Well, how do we as mothers share our mistakes and subsequent learning with our children?

Certainly not with ease. Like all of parenting, sharing our choices and the less than stellar results requires, necessitates, courage...forethought.......honesty...mindfulness.....prayer...time.

Tonight, in a debate, well, really, in a heated discussion with two of my sons, I said, loudly, that choices have consequences.

So, I share via words.

And via my life.

The kids see my life, the consequences of some of my actions. They see me just moving forward because sometimes the only way out is through. You gotta keep going.

Kids are wise. They see these things. They listen, sometimes. They learn sometimes.

Therefore, maybe, just maybe, history doesn't always repeat.


rox said...

Leonie , thanks so much . dh & I are both struggling right now with the issue of some of our wrong parneting choices . We all make them don't we .
God always reminds me that what is importnat far more then knowing I am right is the knowing when I did something wrong , woning it , dealing with it and moving on . Hopefully our kids have also been paying attention by our actions etc.
I do hope in the end the legacy we have left will be good . I hope I have been His example here .
I look at so many people who have continued to now be thier absuive parent or married someone like thier abusive parent and I feel blessed and ever so gareful because it tends to be a majority and dh and I are the minority .
So many people never were supposed to be together in the first place !
you could pray for dh & I because we are at the fork in the road , the now from here to where stage lol I see a snow covered road with pine trees I like that road very very much ;-)

Leonie said...

Roxie, will def say a prayer for you and your dh...And you are right..knowing when we are wrong and working to fix that is very important!