Friday, January 15, 2010

Menu Plans

Menu Plans? Am I sick?

No, just feeling inspired ( or guilty) ...after reading Lisa's blog. Lisa posts a menu plan every Monday..

On Monday nght, after having flown back from Melbourne, gone straight to work, arriving home around 8.30 p.m., we had meat pies from the freezer for dinner.

And I thought about my busy week, and Lisa's influence, and my favourite TV cooks ( Nigella and Jamie) and what we had in the house..and made my own rough, very rough, menu plan.

Lisa, you have encouraged me to post my meagre plans. No comparisons, right?


Welsh Rarebit or Poached Eggs in Bread Rolls ( read here how to poach eggs in cling wrap. A Science experiment all on its own!). Served with or on blessed bread rolls from the St Anthony Mass on Tuesday night. And with a salad of cos lettuce, sliced beetroot, three bean mix.

Use up that pork from the freezer.
Thai Red Pork Curry, using cabbage and carrots instead of sweet potato and snake beans.
Rice. Microwaved pappadums.

Women's group and no dinner for me. I planned for the kids to make
Quick Tomato Pasta Sauce, to serve with penne and Garlic Bread Rolls..again using up those bread rolls.

Vegetarian Zucchini Slice with grain bread ( or The Last Of Those Bread Rolls).

St Paul the Hermit... we traditonally serve pork on this day .Still have pork left in the freezer from perhaps Satay Pork with rice and any available salad/fruit/vegetables.
Unless we have friends for which case we will do a barbecue, plus bread, salad, dairy free carrot cake with custard.

Mmm. Another vegetarian meal. Perhaps
Nigella's Macaroni Cheese or Channa Dahl or Peanut Butter Pasta.

Unless, again, a friend stays for dinner..and then we might have chicken!

Monday again
Use up those Meat-Pies-from-The-Freezer again, after work and an Information Meeting, with any leftovers, including leftover salad, from the weekend. Or cook anything we didn't cook on the weekend!
Should I be daring and plan a menu for next week, too??


Hopewell said...

GREAT job!! That curry sounds wonderful! I haven't had a pappadums since, oh, '91? when I lived in Malawi as they are unknown here! Don't stress over the planning--after a while your kids will let you know they like knowing there will be real food! lol.... Remember, if you skip something, just put it on next week!

Leonie said...

The kids don't know the menu plan...should I be posting it publically? On the blog doesn't count as most of the kids don't read my blog..they are free to, of course, they just choose not to! lol!