Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two People

We read about two people today.

St Catherine of Siena, saint for today, Doctor of the Church.

William Shakespeare, who would have had a birthday last Friday.

As I was reading about St Catherine and her role in The Western Schism, Anthony regaled us with information about The Great Schism and the Byzantines. He went through a Byzantine-ish reading frenzy awhile ago.

Charity is the sweet and holy bond which links the soul with its Creator: it binds God with man and man with God. - Saint Catherine of Siena

And while we talked of Shakespeare and found our copy of the book Tales From Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb, Anthony and I also discussed his personal reading. Bulldog Drummond ( an bit B grade, he says), poems by Tennyson and Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.

But, for my own part, it was Greek to me - Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within. Alfred Lord Tennyson

It [the book] was spinning a magic spell around her heart, sticky as a spider's web and enchantingly beautiful..Cornelia Funke, Inkheart
So, as usual, part of our day was spent in reading and talking. And with books. And people - past and present.


Hopewell said...

Leonie--I'm going to post more about "We need to talk about Kevin" I'm LOVING it. Also I AM on FACEBOOK--Lisa Hayes in Ohio. Feel free to friend me!

Leonie said...

Woo hoo!