Friday, April 10, 2009

Altar of Repose

On Maundy Thursday. Yesterday. Mass in commemoration of the Lord's Supper.
Maundy Thursday is devoted to the institution of the Eucharist and the priesthood. During the Mass we had the ceremony of the washing of the feet, known as the Maundy or Mandatum, a very moving reminder of that humble gesture of love and charity, when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and thus emphasized a new commandment of brotherly love.
Today we had live Stations of the Cross in our parish. And the Passion at three pm ~ as my missal says the liturgical solemnity in commemoration of the passion and death of our Lord.
The liturgy is more than just an inspiring, moving rite. It fills our souls, fills them with prayer and thanksgiving, we acknowledge in God's presence and in the presence of others in our community exactly what the mystery of the Cross means to us.
Someone asked me today why it seemed, to her, that converts often appear to be fervent. My answer, as a convert? Well, in part, the answer lies in the solemn liturgies, like the liturgy today. I realise how much I missed out on, how little I understood, all those years of attending mass with my dh and kids but not really knowing God, knowing the Faith, feeling and understanding the Real Presence. The faith, the mysteries of the Faith, are like a special gift and I tend to feel like there is a lot to catch up, to experience, to know about, to pray for, to contemplate.
My mass attendance and talking to people after mass is a bit of a sore point with some. Especially last night and today. But I can't stop. Well, perhaps I should but not over the Easter Tridium! I am fed by the liturgy, by the prayers. I like helping in the parish community, talking to others, getting to know others in my parish, helping my kids to live their Faith. And some of these people are lonely, are needy, are hurting. Like I used to be. I try to give to them what I try to give to my family - some friendliness, some love, some understanding.
Tomorrow begins Eastertide. Eastertide is the time of new life. It is the festival of the Resurrection, continued for forty days.
It is my prayer that I can be an Easter person, to quote Pope John Paul II, bringing joy and Christ to my family ( I fail there, many times..) and to others ...
Strewing my faith, in true unschooling fashion.


Chris said...

Hi Leonie, We made it to Armidale safe and sound. Just in time for the Easter sevice. It was lovely. I have come down with a nasty cold. Please pray that the baby (or anyone else) won't catch it. Have a wonderful Easter celebrating with your family.

Leonie said...

Happy Easyer, Chris! C u when u get back. :-) Get better soon..