Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Planting , er, potting, a mini lemon tree. Woo hoo!
And thank you to a friend, who bought us the pot..and potting mix..and fertiliser!
Our next gardening project?
Well, after trying not to kill the lemon tree, we want to pot and grow a pinkabelle apple tree...
A compact apple tree growing to only 2m high making it ideal for containers, courtyards, decks and balconies. It has delicious fruit that ripen two weeks earlier than the Pink Lady but are similar in flavour. Grows well in all temperate climates of Australia.


molly said...

I am envious of your getting to grow citrus. I miss that from California.

Leonie said...

Goodness - didn't know you couldn't grow citrus where you are!

molly said...

NO luck, I am in Ohio, way to cold here:( Makes me miss my youth in Ca. where we had an abundance of citrus. We do have lots of fruit trees, but nothing as sweet as fresh oranges, limes and lemons!