Wednesday, October 08, 2008


What do you do all day?
We all know about Ferris and, no, I don't have a day like that planned.
But here is today, anyway....
A Daybook, courtesy of Peggy.

Outside my Window... Many birds, perching on the neighbour's roof. It is chilly but I expect it to turn out another warm spring day. Like yesterday.

I am thinking... Today is the anniversary of my dh's Confirmation. Unlike me, he was confirmed as a child, a twelve year old boy. I am thinking about a cake or dessert to buy or make, for dh, to mark this anniversary.

From the learning rooms...I have been doing some strewing of books - Dante's Divine Comedy, Jules Verne Journey to the Centre of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

I am thankful for..Anthony, youngest son, who is making a pot of tea right now!

From the kitchen..Nothing. Seriously. I have a busy day with work meetings, junk mail delivery with kids, going to a meeting at church, some of the kids are seeing movies with friends tonight. So, leftovers look like the thing..Or heat your own frozen meat pies and fruit/salad..

I am wearing..some old clothes ready for my workout..khaki board shorts, blue workout top, green hoodie, workout shoes and socks.

I am reading..that biography of Madonna ( see sidebar).

I am hoping.. that everything goes well this weekend, with the parish newsletter and twenty-fifth celebration...

I am creating..blogs! One for our Catholic homeschooling group ( Saintly Warriors); one for our email list Unschooling Catholics and, sometime this week, one for our French class ( stumped for a name,btw). Check my blog listings.

I am hearing.. the inane music of the Wii game Super Mario Galaxy..Thomas is playing the game while I sip tea and write.

Around the house...Well, it is pretty neat, pretty tidy-ish. Need to nag Thomas and Anthony about their room and , as usual, need to fold, wash, hang out, bring in laundry.

One of my favourite things...My morning prayer time. Really. I sound holy but, as you know, I am not. It is simply that I love starting the day with either Mass ( didn't make it this morning; a late night after a friend's son's birthday party) or with my morning novena books. St Anthony and St Joseph. A peaceful, quiet start, before the bombardment of kids and things-to-do. And blogging.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Kumon work tomorrow, coffee with Kumon Supervisors Friday and then shop for the parish BBQ, pick up and staple the newsletter, finish off the prayer booklet...Work on diet and exercise..Hang out with dh and the kids..maybe some summer clothes shopping...Work on that dreaded budget...parish working bee..finish sending out Kumon newsletters...pray the full Rosary more often, especially this week, with the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary .


molly said...

Sounds like an honest and full day for you.
It always cracks me up to hear about you all enjoying spring and summer, when we are gearing up for winter!

Chris said...

Great night last night. We would have won if not for those silly Mondegreens. aaargh!
Oooh that budget. How is a budget like a dalek? It is dreaded. It wants you to explain (justify your spending) and when you finally think the thing is fixed it rears its ugly head again and again and again.
We are all still thinking about a name for our French blog. I'll also ask Laura.

Leonie said...

I love hearing about your days and different weather, Mollly - and, Chris, yes, budgets are so like dleks and need to be exterminated!

Greg said...

Unfortunately the weather difference isn't cracking me up though I might crack under the strain. Sunny day today though which is good. That tea is putting thoughts in my head too :)

Cheri said...


I love your blog and the idea about the daybook questions are great. I'm going to have to use them!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a good, normal day!

Leonie said...

Oh, Greg, when I think the mornings are cold here, I remember how much colder you are! lol!

Cherie, peggy's daybook is fun, you can see the links at her site for others doing the daybook theme. Some daybook regularly.

And hi Lisa!