Thursday, October 09, 2008

Deliberate Living Family Report Card

An idea from Lisa.

Deliberate family living? Living with purpose, mindfully.

Something I often fail at, but to which I aspire.

Lisa's report card idea is to, regularly, publically, while being accountable , do a self examination of one's role in helping the family live deliberately. Look at where one is doing well. Where improvements can be made.

Her reporting areas are below. And my comments.

Family Prayers: Okay, I guess. A pass. We prayed together this week, but more often than not it has been only while in the car together.

Church: Good, in addition to Sunday Mass, the kids and I went to 7.00 a.m. Mass on Tuesday for the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. And I went to Mass this morning. And we'll pray together at our usual as-many-of-us-as-possible-go-together-to-9.15-Friday-Mass tomorrow.

Family Time: So-so. A few sucky, dysfunctional family type of things going on. Yet, it was fun late last night, laughing about culture with the kids and one of their friends, when three sons came home from the movies. Mmm, maybe I need to plan to connect more. But then again, maybe not. Sometimes the best family connections are made when I least expect it, when I let go, when the being together and talking just happens. But will it??

Household routines: Chugging along. Our philosophy is everyone just pitch in and help, good enough is good enough.

Meal preparation: Well, I am cooking dinner tonight after work! Yay! And we haven't eaten take away since Monday lunch...

Other: Kids haven't done ANY Kumon Maths this week - time for a chat about goals, do you think? We've had some nice times of being with friends. Watched some movies together on the weekend. Dh and I had lunch together on Sunday and worked together on Monday. I've had some lectures from others ( and some of them well deserved!) but am learning to hold my tongue ( and my email!). We celebrated some feast days and read about saints and about Labour Day. I've talked to eldest son Luke about things, chatted to Greg on the phone, kept up with Nick via texts. Overall, we are doing okay. Probably not your super duper homeschooling family but okay. Could be better - maybe that's a goal for next week?


Lisa said...

Thanks, Leonie! FYI we will soon have an official "Button" and you will be able to link your posts at my site. Check next Wednesday [Wed in USA!--I never get that date line thing right!]

Greg said...

Sounds busy! To be honest I'm looking forward to coming back to it...I know I should be glad about doing well over here...but do miss home!

Leonie said...

Cool, Lisa!

And, Greg, I KNOW. I'm gonna be so lonely when you all move away and grow up. :-(