Friday, October 24, 2008


What to do when one is physically tired?

The simple answer is sleep.

Yet it is not a simple answer, really. I have absolutely zero trouble getting to sleep but I darn well cannot STAY asleep. I cannot go back to sleep when I awaken, as I do, during the night, with thoughts swirling in my head.

This makes me so tired.

Today, after a a usual busy day, and a hard weights workout ( high rep low weight - 3kg or 7lbs), well, I find my hamstrings sore and my body tired.

A happy tired, though. It was a run, run, run day but a fun one - Mass, surfing with the kids at Manly, sit in the sun and talk, lots ( lots!) of driving, errands, pick up and drop off, go to the school fete, laundry and cleaning at home, phone calls and emails to make for work and parish and teen group stuff..Many other things on the dreaded To Do List were left untouched... But, not, course, the DVD to watch! Or the homeschool log/blog to do...

A pleasant exhaustion. I love homeschooling, I love my work and my volunteer work, my blogging and technology and connections, my dh, my friends, my life...

Now, if only I can have a good night's sleep! St Peter Damian, pray for us!

N.B. St Peter Damian is often invoked for insomnia. He was a Benedictine, a Doctor of the Church, and his health suffered at one time, due to lack of sleep. He often replaced sleep with prayer.
ETA ~ Friday night, last night, I managed nearly a full six hours of sleep! Woo hoo! I feel like a new woman!


Greg said...

I hate the days (nights actually) when you're physically exhausted so expect to fall asleep right away - and don't. You just can't do it!

Chris said...

I'm rather tired too. (Note the time of this post.) I can relate to Greg when it comes to sleep. Turning off the computer might help. So I will shortly.