Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Daybook Again

As suggested by Peggy. Want to participate, too?

I know I hardly am a simple woman or lead a simple life, but I like the idea of a daybook, occasionally, as a scrapbook of memories , a litany of what is happening.
Outside my Window... Rain. Isn't it lovely - we really need this rain! I loved hearing the rain during the night and now I love seeing the rain on the leaves of the plants outside the dining room window.
I am thinking... Thinking about watching what I eat and getting back into a regular routine of healthy meals. No mindless eating. No emotional eating. Less alcohol.
From the learning rooms...I've just made Thomas unhappy by asking him to do some Maths. "We are doing schoolwork today?" he asked, incredulously.. Yes. I am failing at unschooling...
I am thankful workouts. They keep me sane, they keep me fit, they help me learn about myself, they make me happy. As Billy Blanks says, in one of his Taebo workouts, Learn something about yourself. Squeeze your butt! That line always cracks me up.
From the kitchen..Alexander just made me toast and Vegemite for breakfast. And Anthony just brought me a cup of tea with skim milk. Aren't they sweet? And we've been cooking ~ on Monday Thomas and Anthony did some baking; for dinner after work I made pasta and tomato sauce. Last night I made pea soup. Today, I'm cooking lunch - maybe some homemade quiches and homemade sausage rolls. Just call me Martha Stewart from now on!
I am wearing.. workout clothes. My standard morning apparel.
I am reading..Run by Ann Patchett; The Do-able Diet by Barbara Wimhurst; Secrets of a Former Fat Girl by Lisa Delaney.
I am hoping.. that everything goes well for Luke, as he moves back to Adelaide. Relationships suck sometimes, don't they?
I am creating..Memories , I hope. For the youngest four sons in any case. ...Freedom and flexibility within the natural boundaries of our life. It’s like the whole world is open to us and we pick and choose from the buffet. ...Like yesterday. After French class at our house, the kids played with foam dart guns and we mums talked and talked. And then ended up at Mc Donalds for lunch altogether. So, French class becomes French day – from 9.30 – 2.30 when we had to go our separate ways for different activities/have tos.If we were more structured, we wouldn’t feel the freedom to just drop everything and hang out, as we did yesterday. Yet, I see a real value in the kids building connections together and in creating memories and in valuing the freedom of childhood and of the teen years.
I am hearing.. Jonathon playing the guitar in the sitting room, playing and singing a song he wrote..And the hum of the dryer from the laundry..And Anthony's pen scratching on paper while he works on Kumon Maths ( Thomas hasn't started Maths. He's on the computer, playing games).
Around the house... We cleaned for the house inspection last week but have had many visitors ( as usual) so spend our time cleaning up, making messes, cleaning up! lol! I'm caught up on laundry. But need to vacuum again.
One of my favourite things...Today? The smell of toast cooking on a cool morning. Yum! And having people, a friar and one of the kids' friends, over today for lunch - I love having people over or catching up with people. I'm a social animal.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Kumon work, as always. Phone women re change of venue for the womens' group at church - it's gonna be here, at my house. Surfing for the kids on Friday. Finish off the tax stuff. Clean the cars. A farewell lunch for Luke . Watch Alias and The Brady Bunch Movie!!


Julie said...

Hi Martha!

I get the exactly the same reaction from Stephanie that you get from Thomas..FRAZZLE FRAZZLE FRAZZLE!

Leonie said...

Don't you love homeschooled kids? lol!

He ended up doing a very small bit of maths before his friend arrived and now he is at work at McDonalds. Tells me he will do his religion tonight and his maths on the way to surfing on Friday. I'll believe it when i see it!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a normal day!!!

Greg said...

A good idea actually, this writing down various things happening at the moment. Makes you more aware of that particular moment rather than letting them slide past.

Greg said...

Just finished making those scones...had the same problem that I had with the muffins the first time I made them though. They turned out like flat cookies!! Tasted alright though. Will have to have another try.

Leonie said...

Yeah, it fits with my current goal of being more moidful - writing down the moment helps...WRT the scones - you really need to mix and pat and handle lightly and you need to use white flour to make a light scone. ( Hey, I'm giving cooking advice! lol!)