Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Saints and Centrepieces.

Table centrepieces.

This week, I am having a different centrepiece for the dining table, for each feast day. For most of the feast days.

Yesterday, St Jerome. The Dhouay-Rheims Bibke
Today St Therese of Lisieux. A vase of flowers for the Little Flower.
Tomorrow, the Guardian Angels. Some butterfly ( angel wing) cupcakes.
Saturday, St Francis. Our statue of St Francis.
Tuesday, the Most Holy Rosary. Rosary Beads, of course!


Beate said...

Great idea Leonie - you don't mind if I borrow it? I've been in a homelearning funk lately :-/ This is just the ticket to put things on the right path :-)

Leonie said...

Go for it - I like to keep things simple and easy! lol!