Thursday, October 09, 2008

Okay, I should be working..

..should be doing my Kumon prep, but I've been wasting time reading Life With My Sister,Madonna. In between replying to phone calls and emails from Kumon parents.

The kids are diligently doing Kumon maths and I am busy being a terrible example to them. Note to self ~ DON'T start reading a can't-put-down book on a week day, working day.

I'll just share this quote and will move on, onto work.

Madonna has written to her brother, after his relationship has broken up. He writes of this letter :

Moreover, she has demonstrated such sisterly love toward me that I am deeply touched. I guess that's how it is with siblings - we disappoint the hell out of each other one moment and shower each other with unconditional love the next.

Not just with siblings, but with family relationships in general.

Annoyance and disappointment can be, kind of, a fact of life, yet we know that unconditional love is always there, always makes up part of that vertebrae of relationship.


Greg said...

Good use of the plural of vertebra :)

Lisa said...

Never thought of Madonna in that way! Still reeling from that s#X book she did in the 80s! lol