Sunday, October 19, 2008

St Peter of Alcantara

Today is his feast day. He lived 1499-1562

Hey, I only read about this priest last Thursday night, after a woman's group, and after reading about St Teresa of Avila!

St Peter was a Franciscan. He knew and supported St Teresa of Avila, being her spiritual director. He is often invoked against malignant fevers.

And today is the beatification of Lous and Zelie Martin. We prayed this prayer, especially for my friend Sabine's young son Michael, who fell into a pool and is still in ICU.

P.S. This painting is by Giovan Battista Pittoni and is in the National Gallery of Scotland, in Edinburgh. Greg, maybe you can go and see it!


Greg said...

The name sounded familiar when I read it in the blog title, though I couldn't have told you anything about him...If I get to Edinburgh after my next payday I'll be sure to look up the painting!

Julie said...

Is that the child that is in today's news?
We are praying for him as well!

Chris said...

We are praying for Michael. (from Catholic unschoolers) His survival is miraculous already, praise and thanks to God, and we continue to pray that he will be wholly restored.

Leonie said...

Thabnks for all the prayers...

Sara said...

I am praying for Michael and family too! much Love in Christ, Sara

ps I am watching the St Teresa of Avila miniseries on DVD, that I bought from