Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Unschooling Tuesday

French class at our house. Morning tea and chat with friends.

St Dominic

Part time work.

Folding junk mail for delivery.

Room clean up ( well, sort of).

Medical appointments and shops.

Reading - role playing stuff, The Dangerous Book for Boys, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (as in happy Gay, that is!), Island of the Blue Dolphins, Joy in the Morning by P.G. Wodehouse, the Dr Who magazine.

Game playing - on the Wii, co-operatively ( again, well, sort of).

Talk to the cat, to brothers, to us all.

Help with lunch making and clean up.

Play piano.

Surf the internet, write and read emails.

Write scenarios and lists for role playing games, wish lists of things to do and things to buy.

And tonight we will have Mass, Novena for St Anthony, and probably some TV or DVDs. Oh, and prayers (blushing, she nearly forgot...)


molly said...

Sounds like you are feeling better!

Leonie said...

I'm still sick but the kids learn regardless!

molly said...

I am sorry!
It is amazing that even while you are under the weather, you still manage to make learning so fun and interesting! Feel better soon, God Bless!

Leonie said...

Thanks Molly - and let me say again how totally cute your new baby is! :-)

Greg said...

Unfortunately I had to miss the St Anthony novena here because of the job interviews. It's at 12:30, and the first interview finished at 12, the next started at 12:45.
Sounds like a normal, busy Tuesday...!

Leonie said...

But congrats on the job - and you are right, a typical Tuesday!!