Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blog Awards

I was nominated for two blog awards ~ The Kick-Ass Blogger and The Brilliante Blog.

And I have to name some other bloggers, bloggers I think deserve this recognition.

Part of Speech: adj
Definition: very effective

So, I nominate these effective bloggers ~

My son Greg at Antic Hay

My friend Chris

My fellow CM-er Stephanie at What I Know Now

My buddies over at Catholic Mommas

Enjoy reading!


Christine Shaw said...

I would like to thank the academy ....oh I mean ........ you Leonie. You showed me how great blogging can be. I love going to your blog and being encouraged, inspired or just knowing what interesting things your family is doing.

Stephanie said...

Golly, Leonie, that's quite the roll call! I'm blushing. I too would like to thank the Academy (all of 'em, really - all homeschool academies). I surely do 'preciate it.