Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The aftermath of Catholic Homeschoolers

We had a meeting of Catholic Homeschoolers at our house today. Well, first we had French class with homeschoolers, and a farewell morning tea with our teacher after - our teacher is also a Catholic homeschooler, who is leaving us to live in the UK for five months.

I dashed in and out for French class and the morning tea, leaving my house in the capable hands of my guests - after serving them beverages. I had to get yet another passport photo ( LONG story in the never-ending saga of Leonie trying to get a passport) and I also had a specialist appointment.

Back home to find my guests had welcomed more guests - the Catholic Homeschol group. We prayed, shared lunch, mums chatted, kids played, and then talked about WYD. A post WYD reflection.

What did WYD mean to us? What happened during WYD week? Why have WYD? Are we the same people after experiencing WYD? And what blessings are there in our homes, our communities, our country after hosting WYD?

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HopewellMomSchool said...

So, what did it all mean to you? That would be a wonderful post.