Thursday, August 28, 2008

A trip to Ikea

That was part of today's events..a trip to the Ikea store at Rhodes Shopping Centre...went with three of the kids and one of the friars from our parish.

It was a pretty funny outing. At one stage, I was flying, er, I mean driving, the car up the exit ramp . Saw a minimum height barrier ~ obviously meant for trucks and vans not station wagons like my car. Yet, I instinctively worried about height - would my car fit under the barrier? And I instinctively ducked my head, while sitting in the car driving ~ as if that would help!

The funny, funny, thing is that Br., in the front passenger seat, instinctively did the same ducking ( useless, redundant) motion, at precisely the same time as I.

Gosh, we laughed. And laughed. Tears rolling down our faces.

The kids looked at us in amazement.
And Thomas texted his friend - "I think Mum is blonde".

As if!


Christine Shaw said...

Before I read that Thomas had texted about you being blonde I had exactly the same thought. Oh dear. It was a funny story.

Anonymous said...

And the friar? What colour would his hair be?


Anonymous said...

Hey! I don't that and I'm blond.

Too funny.

LOVE the new profile pic Leonie - you look so chic!

Anonymous said...

LOL I can't even write correctly! OK so I AM blond. :-)

Moonlight in Vermont said...

Very cute! I love those
"laugh until tears are running down your cheeks" moments!

molly said...

This is so funny, I am not blonde and I have found myself doing the same type of thing....LOL!

Leonie said...

Ah, kindred spirits, as Anne would say. Watch out for those hearts, Chris! Thanks for the nice words on the pic, Michele.