Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh, that workout!

Which workout? That puke-in-a-bucket workout - the 30 Day Shred one.

Level one is kinda easy. Level two is more challenging.Level three has a high dread factor for me - who knew you could get a kick-ass, killer, advanced workout in thirty minutes.

I did Level three today, high impact, working out hard - attemped it lower impact last Saturday and did all the workout while coughing my heart out. But today, I only coughed once ( okay, maybe two or three times..) - those meds are working! And I can do high impact again!

The walking planks and travelling push ups are tough on the upper body. The rockstar jumps and plyo lunges are not easy, either, nor is doing cardio with weights.

I don't have a love feeling for this workout but I do it anyway - it is fast, efficient, effective, advanced, push yourself, non stop, in only half an hour. I feel as challenged after this half hour as I do with a Taebo Advanced sixty minute workout. Go figure?

I was really feeling it in the shoulders and arms and legs and butt, when at the grocery store this morning, and after the workout. Woo hoo!

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Greg said...

That sounds really awesome - I so want to give it a try now!! This morning I did Billy's Fave Moves and afterwards, 'cause it's not hard enough on its own, Baron Baptiste's yoga back and abs series, then Indian pushups, hand and headstands and the pose of the eight curves. Pretty tough in the end. But nt as challenging as yours sounds :(