Wednesday, August 27, 2008

St Monica

Her Feast Day is today.

Went to Mass. Read about St Monica, and about her son St Augustine ( his feast day is tomorrow).

It is the prayers of Monica herself that have been invoked by generations of the faithful who honour her as a special patroness of married women and as an example for Christian motherhood.

We had some wine at dinner, in honour of St Monica , and made Steak With Red Wine. Why?

We are given one episode of her childhood which suggests a possible origin for her firmness of will. She was sometimes sent down to the cellar to draw wine for the family, and fell into the habit of taking secret sips. She developed such a passion for wine that before long she was drinking great draughts of it whenever opportunity offered. One day a family slave who had been spying on the little girl denounced her as a wine-bibber, and Monica, covered with shame, gave up the habit. Soon afterwards she was baptized, and thenceforth seems to have led a life of irreproachable virtue. St Monica ~ EWTN library

St Monia is a great example of perseverance in prayer.


Greg said...

Lol, I had the same idea - this afternoon had a vermouth cocktail while doing my Greek :)

Moonlight in Vermont said...

Red wine is my favorite. Praying to St. Monica to help me to not fall into becoming a wine bibber!

Leonie said...