Friday, January 12, 2007

What feeds your soul?

At the 4 Real Learning forum, a question was asked ~ What feeds your soul?

The answer to this varies, doesn't it? Well, for me, the answer varies..

What feeds my soul right now?

Lately, it has been saying the Rosary as a family.

We have gone back to using our rosary beads ( long story - but basically beads were banned for awhile - kids played with them, swung them around, shot each other with them... Sometimes, I despair at my children's lack of religion!). This month, we have re-instated Rosary beads into family prayers.

Last night, sitting in the sitting room, with the air conditioning on, everyone gathered round, using the beads and praying - well, I felt a real peace in my soul.

I will also admit that working out feeds my soul ( okay, it helps me in the physical sense, too.)

I set an intention for my workout and I feel so good after, so happy and glad to be me and where I am.

It is infectious - after a hard but fun workout I want to spread this feeling of goodwill to all.

What feeds your soul, January 2007?


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I'm so excited I got to your blog - my computer won't recognize any addresses I type it and I can't find my bookmards (which you are, of course!).

What feeds my soul?

Time relaxing with my family
A clean home
Creating something

Leonie said...

Very cool list - I hope you get lots of time this year to o these activites to feed your soul. And I hope you ge the blogger worked out!

Jane Ramsey said...

Hi Leonie,
We've had the same problem with slinging rosaries around and breaking them! But when they are quiet and listen to the prayers and join in --well, that definitely "feeds my soul".

Leonie said...

Hi Jane,

So nice to hear that another family is like ours at Rosary time! When it flows, however, it does feed our souls...

Fr. Benedict M. said...

I'm glad you added a workout as something that helps feed the soul. Physical exercise helps keep the temple of the Holy Spirit in check, making us happier with ourselves and therefore even more willing to open our hearts and mind to the Almighty... now if only I could practice what I preach :-)

Leonie said...

Fr, thanks for understanding about hw working out helps the soul - I thouht I'd might sound a bit loopy or somethin! ( Me, loopy? lol!)

Maybe 2007 will be the year you can find more time for walking - or bike riding?