Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An Addendum or two..

First, a delightful addendum to the Loveliness of New Years resolutions - read
Paula's post on A Year of Abundance.

And, an addendum to the post on blogs - lest you think I agree with the writer mentioned in the blogpost "Are Catholic blogs an occasion of sin?". I strongly disagree and simply posted the link for information and food for thought. It occurred to me tonight that I should clarify.

In fact, in my comments I wrote ~ I think the writer and the blogger take themselves way too seriously! The whole blog does. :-(

Basically, I don't think we bloggers should be "guardians of the language" - there is a difference between formal and informal language, isn't there?

And, to be honest, I don't see the purpose of my blog to be the bastion of orthodoxy ( con, neo-con, trad or whatever label the original writer may like to attach - I hate labels). It is just a means of sharing our life with family and friends. I also meet new friends along the way.

This can hardly be " an occasion of sin" - unless I neglect other things. Hah! As if I could! I have too many other things to do! :-)

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