Monday, January 15, 2007

Check out these blogs...

Thomas and Anthony are writing novels and putting chapters on their blogs. Have a read - leave a comment! (BTW, I am not proof reading their chapters so any errors are theirs alone! lol!).

Cindy and I are still working out - check out our fitness blog if you feel so inspired.

And this blog consists of chapters of Maria Von Trapp's Book "Around the Year with the Trapp Family."

Finally, read Are Catholic Blogs an Occasion of Sin? Hmm.


Jennifer said...

That article was very interesting and certainly gives me something to ponder today. We are certainly in trouble if I am to consider myself a guardian of language. I would disagree with the clergy issue, however, I haven't seen that on any blogs I read.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I have book-marked this article to come back to, though I will say I was initially put off a bit by the "I take myself very seriously" photo of the guy at the top!

Suzanne Temple said...

Leonie, I tried to add my link for the fair, but could not find an email address for you and so I just added it to the comments on the fair below. I didn't want you to miss it. Hope it isn't too late.

Anonymous said...

Well, Leonie, I think he did a good job in raising the issue. I know I don't fall into all the traps he mentioned, but certianly do fall into a few.

Actually I had recently resovled to continue to cut back on how many and which blogs I visit and seek quality both in information content and relationship.

I also resolved to do this with email and for every min I spend on line to make a minute to reach out IRL. (make that phone call instead of making that email)

I don't think Catholics should NOT blog, but I think like all other venues in life, we need to think about the occasions of sin to which it might bring us.


Thanks for the article!

Anonymous said...

Oopps.. that we me above! Sometimes blogger won't let me sign in.. you thought i was being a psuedo- poster I bet! lol


Leonie said...

Margaret, I agree - I think the writer and the blogger take themselves way too seriously! The whole blog does. :-(

Basically, I don't think we bloggers should be "guardians of the language" - there is a difference between formal and informal language, isn't there?

And, to be honest, I don't see the purpose of my blog to be the bastion of orthodoxy ( con, neo-con, trad or whatever label the original writer may like to attach - I hate labels).

It is just a means of sharing our life with family and friends. I also meet new friends along the way.

This can hardly be " an occasion of sin" - unless I neglect other things. Hah! As if I could! I have too many other things to do! :-)