Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Vision. Oh, and Pollyanna!

I have spent the morning and part of the afternoon at a Kumon meeting.

This is extra volunteer work that I do , extra to my day to day work as a Kumon Education Supervisor.

I take part in these meetings because I see the importance of the Kumon Vision - Supervisors helping each other and building a community and thus making a positive change in the general community; Kumon centres helping children not just with academic skills but also with confidence and goal setting and other life skills.

Our Kumon motto for this year is "One by One."

IOW, we will look at each parent and child, each Supervisor, each staff member as an individual and remember to do what is best for each person. Making a change one by one.

As I was driving home, I thought about this vision in relation to my family.

(Where are the kids, you ask? At a parish related picnic and outing. So, I have had time for the meeting and to ponder..).

What would be the effect in my family of remembering to see each member as individual, one by one?.

Over Christmas my motto was to see only the positives in my husband and in my children.

Can I continue to look for positives in 2007?

P.S. Reminds me of one of my favourite books as a child - Pollyanna. I loved Pollyanna's character and her way of looking at adversity . I have tried to live a more positive life myself.

The influence of books on children!


Jennifer said...

You know, I have always been irritated by people you snidely refer to someone as a Pollyanna. Obviously they have never read the book because if they had they'd realize how hard it is to be a Pollyanna and what a great compliment it should be!

BTW, I think Jack and Jill by Alcott is another great read along these same lines. Great post!

Jennifer said...

Uggh! Typing too fast and erratically! Take out the second you and insert who, please. Sorry!

Leonie said...

IKWYM - as if its bad to be a positive person. Some of us can't help it! lol!