Saturday, January 06, 2007

Give without counting the cost.

Give without counting the cost.

This is a favourite statement from
fellow blogger and homeschooler Karen E.

I do some volunteer work ( giving) with Kumon Education
(in addition to paid work). I do some volunteer work with homeschoolers and within our parish.

But I can afford to give more. Without counting the cost .

However, my main reason for posting Karen's statement is to remind myself of giving in parenting.

I am sad at my older sons' leaving, at the end of their holiday. But I love and I give without counting the cost - sadness sometimes comes with the giving of mothering.

We give without counting the cost. We give ourselves in our mothering, we get a lot back but there is a cost - and who would count it?


Sabine said...

Do find this is also seasonal, as in some seasons of life lend themselves to giving better than others? Also, giving to outside the family? Great post, thanks for sharing your insight!

Leonie said...

Giving is always there, in one form or another, isn't it? Maybe the type of giving, both within the family and outside the family, differs? Also the time factor...We weigh up the costs, we all have priorities and God calls us each differently and in different seasons - but often times the giving is important, regardless of cost.

What do you think? I'm probably off mark! lol!

Sabine said...

No, not off the mark at all, imo, that is totally what I was thinking!

Leonie said...


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Hugs to you, Leonie!

When my mom left at Christmas, I cried!

I think the family separation can be difficult!

Leonie said...

Thanx Maria - feeling more myself today ( back at work, too!).

Karen E. said...

More hugs to you, Leonie.

And, oh, if only I lived it as well as I say it. :-/


Leonie said...

Karen, you are an inspiration - thats why I often think of you and of this quote...