Sunday, January 07, 2007


Anthony is reading The Borrowers. One of his Christmas present books. We visited a model village in November and this book seemed a natural follow up.

Anthony also received a copy of Charlotte's Web, thus enabling us to replace our old, battered copy.

"Charlotte's Web" will be our shared book for January ( fits in with the movie!) - just for Anthony and I. As the youngest in a busy household, Anthony has been read aloud to less than other sons. 2007 will, hopefully, be my year to make up for lost time.

Thomas received a new copy of "A Christmas Carol" as one of his gifts - he has finished the book this Christmas period. We plan to try to read some of the same books this year, he and I, and then to discuss our impressions.

And Anthony will be loosely following this literature list , shared at the 4 real learning forum, starting this month - we hope! The books will be of his choice but each month there is a different category or genre suggested, with a different possible follow up activity.

January is "realistic fiction". Not so sure that this is up Anthony's alley - so he might start with February ( a biography or autobiography). We'll see..

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