Friday, January 12, 2007

January Bulletin Board

Dawn shares a super idea - a bulletin board display of "what we are up to."

A form of strewing for your children, your dh, your visitors ~ of current themes of interest in your homeschool.

Or of possible themes of interest?

On Wednesday, Thomas, Anthony, Alexander and I put together a smaller version of Dawn's bulletin board. This board gives us a glimpse of January - a visual reminder. A visual ideas prompt. A talking point.

These are some of the things we are looking at in January. I'll expound -

We have pics of Jonathon as a little boy - it is Jonathon's birthday this month. He was too cute! Still is! lol!

Also information and portraits of St Genevieve, St William and St Anthony of the Desert.

And, according to the book "A Continual Feast", pork is often associated with this St Anthony - we will be dining on homemade Sweet and Sour Pork on January 17, the feast day - so here is a pic of Sweet and Sour Pork!

St Anthony of the Desert was a Christian hermit. He lived a life of great austerity. Legend has it that the Devil tried to tempt him, taking many different forms - among them a pig or hog, representing sensuality. Anthony resisted temptations and that is why he is often represented in works of art with a pig next to him. On his feast day it is traditional to eat pork...

We are reading novels in the My Story series, concerned with time periods in Australian history, and so Thomas copied a few covers of the novels for our bulletin board.

Alexander is looking for a more structured history programme this year - he is perusing two programmes that I purchased, secondhand, years ago - KONOS History of the Ancient World or Sonlight Church History. Nicholas and I worked through segments of the Church History booklist and guide in 2001 - a good literature list and the guide also examines some of the beliefs of the Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Very interesting.

Alexander still can't decide which guide to use!

So, there it is - a mini tour of some of our January themes ....

Of course, we still have our New Years Resolutions poster, strewn on our refrigerator!


Anonymous said...

Love your bulletin board and J is so CUTE.. and you are beuatiful mom holding him.

Neat ideas, too@

Anonymous said...

oh that was me.. Cindy--- won't let me log in from here..

Leonie said...

Thanks Cindy - and weird about not being able to log in.

Dawn said...

Leonie, thank you so much for the link! Yours looks great! :)

Leonie said...

Hey, Dawn, thank you for the idea!

Anonymous said...


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