Friday, March 07, 2008

Workouts ( a cross post)

I've been sick lately, so mostly doing easier workouts. Or Advanced workouts, but for only half the time. Walking it out a bit.
It felt good , therefore, to be back in the swing this morning, before Friday Mass. I did Taebo Advanced Live 7 ~ some great ab and glute and legwork, after the warm up and stetches, then kickboxing for cardio, kicks and punches. Fun music, too. "Riding on the Metro" by Berlin "Boogie Fever" by the Sylvers. "Be Who You Wanna Be." Some rap....

I love music in workouts.

My doctor told me, on Wednesday, to take it easy - I have to remind myself of this, as I tend to like to push myself in workouts. Esp when I can get ino the music groove!

( I am laughing at myself so its okay,you can laugh, too. ).


molly said...

I am not laughing, I am impressed. Even being sick you are working out. Good for you!!

Leonie said...

Thanks, Molly. Hope you are feeling better.