Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Links

Alice's lovely ideas for an Easter Tea.

Maybe we can adapt this and have an Easter afternoon tea, during this octave of Easter?

And an interesting book and blog, thoughts on Mary, from a Catholic convert's point of view. From one who struggled to understand the Church's Marian devotions. [I can relate... ]

Behold Your Mother.


Emily said...

Oh wow! ANOTHER unschooling Catholic! Yea!
Can't wait to check out your blog.... it looks like a gem!

Greg said...

Hi Emily! Do you know about our unschooling catholics email list?

Emily said...

Um, I don't think so. I know about the unschooling Catholics blogroll or whatever it is. I would be very interested in an e-mail list.

Leonie said...


Try cutting and pasting the link above. Or email me westen@bigpond.com

BTW, that was me signing in from my son's acount! lol!