Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Anthony's New Latin Book

And one he is really enjoying.

Learning Latin through Mythology.

The book consists of thirteen units, each including a short English version of a myth, an illustrated Latin version with vocabulary explanations, a related Latin grammar activity, plus related writing and open-ended projects.

A nice adjunct to his Latin Primer, Latin Grammar and copywork. And to his memory work ~ of some Latin prayers and hymns...


HopewellMomSchool said...

I'm jealous again! I was so looking forward to this book before we had to go back to public school....I'll be interested to see how he likes it. I have noticed the Minimus book out once in a while for help drawing cartoons, but that seems to be it's main use!

Sara said...

This Latin book looks so good and inspiring! I am so blessed that Rachel put me on this nearcircle. Thank you for your prayers and "virtual friendship". God willing, one day we will meet! You are a beautiful mom, inside and out! (I always tell my girls, 10 and 11, to let their souls shine; beauty radiates from the inside out...not what the culture tells us, right?) God bless you. Love in Christ, Sara
ps I want to get Minimus too for Jaybird (if I'm lucky, JB will like too)

Leonie said...

Hi Lisa, Anny seems to like the bok so far - so far, so good. He has been reading it for his own, casual reading!

Hi Sara, Glad to see you on near circle!