Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Homeschool Tuesday

I was quite sick last night. Woke up with a terrible headache and a pretty formidable To Do List.

I did some yoga for light exercise and to clear my head. And had to listen to a philosophical debate between two sons on the psychological benefits ( or not) of yoga, of "blooming like a flower."

Namaste. I am sure. Especially with numerous phone call interruptions - a peaceful yoga mum I am not!

But Anthony and I had some fun with our Prince Caspian unit. We are picking and choosing ideas from the Further Up and Further In book, a thematic guide to the Narnia novels of C.S. Lewis. Today, Anny made a poster on the water cycle and we investigated the differences between oceans and seas.

And discussed the Byzantines and iconic art. Not at all related to Narnia.

And talked on the question of homeschool differences - are homeschooled kids different? This arose out of a complaint from Thomas, about the tone of Dr Wiles' "Exploring Creation with Chemistry" book. A book I found boring, too.

We prayed the Anima Christi, in Latin and in English, for Holy Week....organised stuff for our parish newsletter etc...cooked, folded pamphlets for delivery, had French class, did some errands, took Alexander to work at Kumon, worked on my Kumon newsletter....went to Mass ....

And so went part of our homeschool day...in Holy Week.


Genevieve said...

I love reading how you collaborate learning with your sons. Recently I threw out my lesson plans and instead spend morning asking my sons what they would like to do. Well, knock my socks off! There was the expected play but then there was some more academic activities too. It's making me ponder about shifting my approach to homeschooling. Betcha there would be blog post somewhere in the future.

Thanks for sharing, Leonie!

Leonie said...

Let me know when you write that blog post - sounds interesting already...

Genevieve said...

The post is up.


Leonie said...